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6 Signs There Is An Issue With Your Water Heater

Your time of rest and relaxation in the bath can be marred by cold water if your hot water tank is not performing at its peak. A water heater is one of the most underappreciated appliances in our home and its importance is only felt when you are literally left in the cold. Therefore, it is best to know if there is any issues with your water tank: Rusty Water

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Top 6 Causes for Hot Water Heater Failure

1. Excessive sediment buildup Over time sediment or minerals will build up at the bottom of your hot water tank. This will cause you to receive less hot water than usual, damage to heating elements within the hot water tank, and a possible smell of rotten eggs to your water. Sediment buildup will happen to any hot water tank and needs to be flushed out in order for your tank

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Water Heater Maintenance

As a vital piece of equipment in your home, your hot water tank needs to have regular maintenance completed throughout the year to ensure the water heater works properly, to help prevent any unwanted repairs and to ensure the hot water tank lasts its estimated lifetime, which is 10-12 years. If you attempt any maintenance yourself, it is highly recommended that the electricity or gas be shut off before any

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