Water Heater Maintenance

As a vital piece of equipment in your home, your hot water tank needs to have regular maintenance completed throughout the year to ensure the water heater works properly, to help prevent any unwanted repairs and to ensure the hot water tank lasts its estimated lifetime, which is 10-12 years.

If you attempt any maintenance yourself, it is highly recommended that the electricity or gas be shut off before any maintenance is completed, if this makes you uneasy we recommend calling in a professional to complete maintenance on your water heater, this way the maintenance is completed properly, you and your home are safe and it will allow you to gain knowledge by asking questions and watching what the technician is doing.

Over time your hot water tank will collect sediment and rust inside the unit, this can cause many various issues to your unit, such as a lower amount of hot water, no hot water, or rusty or yellow colour water. If you notice any changes in your hot water it is recommended to call in a professional to complete any troubleshooting, repairs, or maintenance for your water heater.

Things to check your technician is completing during regular water heater maintenance:

1. Draining and cleaning the tank

2. Change Anode Rod

3. Replace an electric element

4. Test pressure release valve

5. Checking Dip Tube

6. Water temperature check

7. Check pipes for any leaks

8. Ensuring water heater has adequate insulation

9. Inspecting venting system and pilot light

10. Flushing the tank


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