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Expert Furnace Repair Services in Calgary

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Our top-rated furnace repair services in Calgary are here to ensure that your home remains warm and safe throughout the winter months. With our experienced technicians, best in class equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide unmatched emergency furnace repair solutions tailored to Calgary’s unique climate.

Don’t let a faulty furnace disrupt your comfort and safety. Contact our Calgary furnace repair specialists today for prompt, professional, and courteous service. Let us handle your furnace concerns, so you can enjoy a warm, comfortable, and worry-free winter in your Calgary home. From routine maintenance checks to complex repairs, our services cover all aspects of furnace care. 

, Emergency Cooling Repair


Is your furnace making strange noises, or failing to generate heat? 

AAA Heating and Plumbing offers 24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair Services for both new and existing customers in Calgary, even if you had your furnace installed by another company.  Our experienced technicians are standing by 24/7 to ensure that your home stays warm and your pipes don’t freeze.  With over 20 years of experience operating in Calgary we are comfortable servicing all brands and types of furnaces. Service calls start at $169, which is applied to any repair costs. To book a service, call our office at 403-474-5443.

Furnace Tune-Up


Are you experiencing furnace problems? Contact us 24/7 for furnace repair. We work with all makes and models. With extensive experience, you can rest assured that our team will be able to provide you furnace repair service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Furnace Cleaning Calgary


We will assess, detect and provide our expert opinion to find a furnace to best suit your residence and heating needs. With expert advice and top of the line brands, you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t done it sooner.

Emergency Furnace Repair


We are dedicated to ensuring your furnace is working at peak efficiency and helping to identify potential problems before they become unexpected breakdowns, it’s key to your furnace’s lifespan.

Emergency AC Repair Near Me


Having issues with your air conditioner? We work with all AC makes and models. With over 20 years of experience, you can be certain that our team will provide repair services 24/7, 365 days a year. Cool, right? 

Emergency Cooling Repair


Are you looking to buy a new air conditioner? We sell high efficiency AC units to cool your home or business, cost effectively. Providing a vast choice of well known brands at competitive prices, we are certain that you will find the right AC for you.

AC Repair Near Me


Our goal is to ensure that your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency to prevent any potential problems. By providing a tune-up each year, we can guarantee to increase the lifespan of any air conditioner unit. 

Furnace Tune-Up


Are you experiencing water heater issues? With one call, our technicians will be on their way as soon as possible so you aren’t left without hot water for long. We have extensive plumbing experience, so you can be sure that we will provide high-quality repair services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Furnace Cleaning Calgary


Are you looking for a new water heater? Whether you’re looking for a hot water tank or a tankless water heater, also known as water on demand, our technicians will assess your usage and find a water heater that fits your needs. With expert advice and the top-notch brands in quality.

Emergency Furnace Repair


Are you having problems with your boiler? When you call us for repair, our technicians will be on their way as soon as possible. With our extensive plumbing experience, you can rest assured that we will provide boiler repair services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Furnace Tune-Up


Are you looking for a new boiler? Our technicians will asses your needs and help you find a boiler that fits your needs perfectly. With a vast selection of the leading brand in quality at a competitive price, we’re sure you’ll find the right boiler for your needs.

Furnace Cleaning Calgary


Is your hydronic system not working properly? Rest assured that a technician will book your service appointment as soon as you contact us. We have extensive plumbing experience so we are able to repair and service your hydronic system 24/7, 365 days a year.

Emergency Furnace Repair


If you’re looking to replace your hydronic system, we can help. Our technicians will assess your usage and habits to find a great hydronic system that works for you. With our expert knowledge and competitive price, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your new system.

Emergency AC Repair


Cleaning your ducts is more than just that; it’s about having cleaner breathable air circulating throughout your home for you and your family’s health.

Furnaces For Sale Near Me


We understand that every home in Calgary is unique. Our experts work closely with you to select and install the perfect furnace that suits your specific requirements and budget. With our range of modern, energy-efficient furnaces, enjoy reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Our installation process ensures optimal efficiency for long-term savings.

Our team comprises highly skilled, certified professionals who are up-to-date with the latest furnace technologies and installation techniques, ensuring a seamless and safe setup. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond installation. We offer comprehensive warranties and ongoing support to ensure your furnace operates flawlessly for years to come.

We highly recommend AAA Heating. Dean and his team are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. This is our 2nd air conditioner he has installed for us, and we are thrilled with his work. We have also used his team for many other heating issues through out the years. We are always confident that the work is going to be done correctly and with top notch quality. Dean is an honest straight shooter who will give you your options and the reasons he is recommending the products or work to be completed. We confidently recommend this company any time anyone is looking for this type of work to be completed

— Robyn A.

My furnace broke down in the middle of winter and I had to get it fixed right away. Dean was quick, and a couple hours after I phoned the furnace was back up and running. Despite being an emergency call after hours, it was cheaper than I expected. Thanks Dean!

— Michael B.

When our furnace stopped working, my husband contacted Dean right away. He walked us through some trouble shooting to see if we could get it going (unfortunately that didn’t work) and we were able to set up an appointment right away. Dean was very professional and honest and went through exactly what was going on with our furnace – and most importantly get it back to working right away!!! He also made recommendations about best course of action for the future. I was so very pleased with his honestly – and the fact he didn’t come in trying to “sell” me on anything. Absolutely recommend AAA Heating and Plumbing, Dean and his team!

— Jennifer T.

You guys saved us!!!! We returned home last night and found our house to be an ice cube with a broken furnace. We called almost every company in Calgary and they were the only ones willing and able to help. They helped us troubleshoot issues over the phone, then got Dean out here first thing today with everything we needed. If you are looking for fast, affordable repairs from outstanding techs willing to go the extra mile(on New Years Eve no less) than this is your company. Big thank you to Dean for everything. Crisis averted!!!!!

— Kristyn A.

Wow, these guys are simply amazing! I can’t say enough good things about them! I called them on a Wednesday, they gave me a quote on the spot on Thursday and were here for the install for 10 hours on Tuesday (mine was a HUGE job – all new furnace, ducting, venting, pipes, water tank repositioned, AC updated, etc. The list goes on!). Thanks so much guys for your quick action, great pricing, and wonderful install job. I am bringing you back to do some duct cleaning soon and have already told all my friends about the work you did. THANK YOU!

— Kimberly S.

Friday afternoon we discovered our hot water tank’s blower had died, leaving us without hot water. Of the 5 companies we called on a Friday afternoon, Dean was the only one who could get to us before the weekend, and gave us the full run down of our options in a clear no pressure manner. Went with the repair route this time, but will definitely be in touch with Dean when it comes time to shop for a replacement tank.

— Jason D.

We had a great experience with AAA Heating and Plumbing. We purchased a new furnace, hot water tank, and A/C. Everything was done in a professional timely manner. I would definitely recommend this company.

— Joan E.

Our furnace went down in late October when the temperatures were dipping below zero. We had used Dean and his team years ago when we first moved into this house and had been more than pleased with his services. In fact, the week before, our daughter’s furnace also needed replacing and recommended AAA Heating and Plumbing to her. She was very impressed with their service as well. It was the following Sunday when we had to call Dean for our own furnace trouble. Dean came out to our small town that very evening. He assessed the furnace and we decided to go with a new one as the old one was very old indeed. Dean and his team came out 2 days later, early in the day, and installed the new furnace . It was up and running by noon. We couldn’t be more pleased. We highly recommend this company to anyone who wants or needs fast, reliable service at reasonable prices. Thank you, so very much!

— Brian P.

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Your comfort and safety are our top priority. Our goal is to deliver you a high level of customer experience, including 24 hour on call service to keep you warm during the long winter months, and comfortable in the summertime.

You can rely on us to help you find the most suitable products for your needs, as well as a full range of expert HVAC and Plumbing installation and repair services in our Canadian locations. We currently service Calgary and the surrounding area.

Our company is pet friendly so your pets can be kept free upon the arrival of our technicians. Providing 24 hour on call service to keep you warm during our long winter months.

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