Poly B Piping Replacement

The Importance of Replacing Poly B In Your Home

Polybutylene pipes, better known as Poly B pipes, have been installed in millions of homes throughout North America between 1978 and 1995. Is your home one of them and could your pipes be a ticking time bomb just waiting to burst, costing you the expense and headache of water damage and pipe repair?

How Do I Know If I Have Poly B Pipes

Poly B pipes are plastic resin pipes that were used to make pressurized water pipes. These pipes are marked with PB2110 and may contain other markings as well. They are often gray in color but can be white, silver, black, or blue. Do not confuse these pipes with other types of piping that may appear similar in color. Look for the PB2110 marking to be sure, but if your home was built between 1979 and 1995, there is a good chance you have at least some Poly B pipes in your home or from your water source to your home.

What's The Emergency?

Poly B pipes have been found to corrode and crack when exposed to chlorine and other detergents and chemicals that may be found in your water. The problem is, they deteriorate from the inside out, so it is impossible to tell if you have an impending problem until the leaks begin. Once small fractures start forming, it’s only a matter of time until you may have a catastrophic failure on your hands. This failure could start as a small leak behind a wall or at pipe junction points but turn into a major problem in no time flat. The problem is so prolific that Poly B has been outlawed and class action suits have reached over 1 billion dollars!

Is A Full Replacment Necessary?

While there are no regulations that require Poly B replacement, the chances of pipe failure are great. Not only would a leak cause expensive repairs and damage to your home, but increasingly, insurance companies are denying claims for damages caused by Poly B pipe failure. You could, of course, replace only the pipes that fail whenever a leak is detected. However, your best option is to eliminate Poly B from inside your home and leading up to your home. The initial investment is far less than repairing water damage and having to deal with emergency plumbing issues when you are not planning for it.

What's A Homeowner To Do?

What you need is a Calgary plumber who specializes in Poly B replacement. Someone who is local and is familiar with your plumbing needs. AAA Heating and Plumbing offers many services including emergency plumbing and 24/7 on-call service.

Contact AAA Heating and Plumbing immediately to schedule your Poly B evaluation and replacement. Not only do they have fast, reliable emergency plumbing services, but they can also schedule a full replacement of Poly B pipes before they start causing you a problem, saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs.


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