Drain Cleaning and Augering Services

Drain Cleaning Calgary

We specialize in emergency plumbing services, drain cleaning and drain augering in Calgary. Keeping your drains clear not only ensures smooth operation but also prevents potential problems down the line.

What is Drain Cleaning and Augering

Drain cleaning and augering are essential services that help maintain the flow of your plumbing system. Drain cleaning removes clogs and buildup, while augering involves breaking through severe blockages using a specialized tool known as a plumber’s auger or snake.

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Here are a few indicators that suggest it’s time to call in the professionals:

  • Water backs up in kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or showers.
  • Unpleasant odors come from the clogged drain.
  • Gurgling sounds from the drains when flushing.
  • Regular occurrences of minor blockages.

Benefits of Regular Professional Drain Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your drains can lead to significant benefits, including:

  • Avoidance of unexpected and costly emergencies.
  • Prolonged life and improved performance of your plumbing system.
  • Better water flow and sanitation, reducing health risks and discomfort.

Why Choose AAA Heating and Plumbing?

Choosing AAA Heating and Plumbing means opting for reliability and expertise. Our Calgary plumbers use the latest in plumbing technology and sustainable practices, ensuring that our services are both effective and environmentally friendly. Our team licensed and insured and dedicated to providing swift and thorough service to Calgary and surrounding areas.

Don’t wait for a full-blown blockage. Regular maintenance can save you from costly repairs in the future. Call us today at 403-474-5443 to schedule your drain cleaning service. Keep your plumbing system running smoothly with minimal disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drain augering is used to physically remove blockages, while hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to clean drains thoroughly, removing residue and buildup.

We recommend having residential drains cleaned once or twice a year, depending on usage. Businesses might need more frequent services.

Chemical cleaners can provide a temporary solution but often fail to remove tough clogs and can damage your pipes over time. Professional cleaning is safer and more effective.

Regularly flush drains with hot water, avoid disposing of grease and coffee grounds in your sink, and use strainers to catch debris.

Maintaining clear and functional drains is key to avoiding plumbing emergencies. Contact AAA Heating and Plumbing today to ensure your system is in top condition. Let us help you keep your environment clean and efficient with our trusted professional services.


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