Furnace Sales

Are you looking for New Furnace Sales Online?

Furnace sales Contractor: this is where we have an incredible amount of expertise. With winters being so cold in Calgary, new furnace sales are always a prominent part of our business.

At AAA Heating and Plumbing, we provide furnace sales from the most affordable to the most elite furnaces on the market. Your next furnace will be an important decision – aside from it being an imperative source of energy and heat for your home, a well working furnace is a must have to keep you comfortable all year ‘round.

Although we do ensure that your new furnace through AAA Heating and Plumbing remains affordable,price may vary due to a few factors such as:

– the size of your home
– the age of your home
– the complexity of the job
– the current duct work

Our rates are competitive so that we can offer Calgarians the best value for a lesser cost.
Calgary furnace sales are on the rise – people are realizing that it’s best to prevent remaining without heat,than to risk staying days without it in the coldest of winter days. Because of this, many people are opting to upgrade their furnace prior to it fully breaking down.

Energy Efficient Furnace Sales in Calgary

Nowadays, new furnaces are mostly energy efficient; however, some aspects of a furnace can make it more efficient than another one.

We partner with the most known and trusted brands such as Trane, Ameristar, and Keepright furnaces to ensure that quality work is complemented by a high-quality furnace unit. Choosing the right furnace for your home may seem like a hefty task but our highly skilled and trained new furnace technicians will assist you in choosing the right furnace for you by assessing your current home size, living habits, and preference. Rest assured that you will feel supported each step of the day. Better yet, we guarantee a Same-Day furnace installation.

Here are key things that you should be looking for when deciding if investing in a new furnace in Calgary:
– your Calgary furnace is older than 15 years
– your Calgary furnace has had a few costly repairs up to date
– your Calgary furnace is a less known brand
– your Calgary furnace is making noises or presenting you with issues

At AAA Heating and Plumbing, we want what’s best for you – so we will assist you in choosing the best furnace for you and your family.

Buy a New Furnace in Calgary

When it comes to the unpredictable Calgary weather, buying a new furnace that best suits your family’s needs is extremely important.

You will want to consider: cost, efficiency, regular maintenance, and longevity of the new furnace.

Have no fear! AAA Heating & Cooling in Calgary is here from start to finish providing you your new furnace in Calgary.

With over 20 years of experience and countless amazing reviews from our satisfied customers, AAA Heating and Plumbing is here to help you buy a new furnace for your Calgary home with ease.

Did You Know? Older units have lower efficiency and lower AFUE rating.

What is an AFUE rating?

AFUE means Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency which is a ratio of the energy output to the energy input, categorized into a percentage. This rating represents the actual season-long average efficiency of your furnace; a higher AFUE means higher efficiency. Higher efficiency means less usage and more money you save!

An older furnace can have a 65% AFUE rating, which means almost half of your energy and money is being wasted!

AAA Heating and Plumbing Calgary has partnered with some of the best furnace manufacturers in Canada operating with a 97% AFUE rating we can ensure your heating bill will go down and your comfort will go up.