Top 6 Causes for Hot Water Heater Failure

1. Excessive sediment buildup

  • Over time sediment or minerals will build up at the bottom of your hot water tank. This will cause you to receive less hot water than usual, damage to heating elements within the hot water tank, and a possible smell of rotten eggs to your water.
  • Sediment buildup will happen to any hot water tank and needs to be flushed out in order for your tank to work properly.

2. Rust

  • Overtime parts within your hot water tank could rust resulting in your water becoming discoloured and can be quite harmful for your use.
  • The first step is flushing the water and checking for any rusty parts then replacing the rusty parts with new parts.

3. Water leaking

  • Any water leaking from any part of your hot water tank requires immediate attention, this can be from various

4. Unusual noises

  • If your hot water tank starts making any unusual noises, it is time for it to be checked out by a technician. Typically unusual noises mean something major could happen in the near future, resulting in unwanted repairs.

5. Faulty thermostat

  • A faulty thermostat will not give you the ideal temperature of water, either making the water too cold or too hot, either situation is not typically welcome and should be checked by a technician and replaces if necessary.
  • This is the most common concern with hot water heaters and is usually an easy fix.

6. Improper installation

  • If you purchased your house recently or had a water heater replaced within the last few years and are noticing problems such as not enough hot water, too much hot water, leaking, or any other issues, your hot water tank could have been installed improperly. The best thing to do is have the unit checked out by a professional and made any updates or changes to the system.

Hot water heaters play a vital role in our lives, and any issues can be quite frustrating, your best bet when dealing with water heater issues is to have it checked out and repaired and annually maintained by a certified technician. This way you know the water heater is being taken care of, and you can live with the peace of mind that your hot water is safe and in the tank is running smoothly.


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