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Most plumbing emergencies occur unexpectedly. And if you find them late at night or on the weekend, you may resort to a “do it yourself” endeavor. Although there is nothing wrong with doing your own house plumbing, some difficulties necessitate the services of a professional plumber.  AAA Heating and Plumbing has over 20 years of experience servicing Calgary and surrounding areas.

Here are 9 common plumbing issues that may require our emergency plumbing services:

1. Frozen Pipes

During cold winter weather, pipes can get incredibly cold and might freeze. Your pipes are likely to get frozen when you are not using your plumbing consistently. Thus, the issue can occur in your home when you are on vacation.

Many residents usually fly to Arizona or Florida to escape the cold winter in Calgary. If your pipes are left uninspected, they could possibly freeze and burst. This is because when water freeze, it will expand and cause your pipes to rupture. Exposed pipes are the most vulnerable to freezing cold air. Additionally, pipes in locations that include the basement, attics, and garage are more susceptible to freezing.

2. Supply Line Break

Outdoor Water supply lines can withstand tremendous pressure; however, they can burst due to various reasons that include;

  • Cold Temperatures

One of the reasons pipes burst is freezing temperatures that go below 32 degrees F. When water freezes, it will exert tremendous pressure on your pipes that will make them burst.

  • Tree Roots

Tress root can also cause your outdoor water supply lines to burst.

Root typically grows beneath your pipes. If the tree roots are large, they can disconnect a large section of your piping. They can also twist around pipes and cause them to burst.

  • Old Age

Some pipes will age naturally and degrade to the extent they cannot hold pressure anymore. Galvanized iron piping is prone to rust after years of use. Additionally, they are more likely to get narrow due to plaque buildup and thus increase water pressure.

3. Water Heaters Breakdown

During Calgary winters, the last thing you want is to experience water heaters breakdown. If your tank is full but none of the water is hot, there could be an issue with heating elements or thermostats. For instance, if you have electric heaters, the heating elements or electrical connection might be faulty.

For gas water heaters, the issue might arise due to a bad pilot light, burner issue, or a faulty gas connection. Your heater may also fail or break down if it lacks proper insulation. Insulation reduces heat loss and increases the tank’s water temperatures by a few degrees.

Always hire a specialist repair service if your heater has issues.

4. Slow Draining Sink

A slowly draining sink may cause you to grief. This is because a slow draining sink will keep you waiting longer for water to leave your sink. This is frustrating, especially when doing dishes, among other kitchen tasks. Slow drains are usually caused by food remnants or knotted hair and soap that block the drain. Thus, you can prevent the issue by avoiding putting food debris down the drain. Sinks draining issues can be minor; you can fix them by using a drain cleaner. The problem can also be significant and require you to contact a professional plumber to clear the drain.

5. Leaking Toilets & Faucets

Leaky toilets can be caused by several different reasons. A toilet may be leaky when bolts become loos, misaligning pipes, and valves or waxing rings fail to seal properly. You can sight a leaking toilet problem that you can fix by tightening bolts or placing a new seal. You can also look for cracks in the toilet bowl where water might be seeping out.

Leaking faucets are also a common Calgary plumbing issue and can be a great source of annoyance due to water wastage.

6. Damaged Sewer Lines

Water mains bring water to your home while the sewer lines remove all the wastewater. Sewer lines issues can be disgusting, but sometimes the problem will only be a simple blockage. Thus, putting non-flushable stuff down the toilet may ultimately cause sewer clog.

Sewer lines issues can also be caused by;


  • A sudden shift in the ground causes pipes to fracture
  • Damage of sewer lines by tree roots
  • A faulty valve causes the main sewer to flow back to your home

Knowing what is causing your sewer line issues can be essential in ensuring that you never have to deal with such a significant problem again.

7. Sump Pump Issues

Well, a functional sump pump can keep your basement from flooding. But if a sump pump fails, it will make flooding worse. All mechanical devices are prone to malfunction, and a sump pump is not exceptional. Some sump pump brands in the market are poorly designed, which means, even when properly installed, your pump will still underperform. Some sump pumps may malfunction when;


  • It can’t handle wet basement events, especially during heavy rains
  • The drain tile is clogged, not installed properly, or is non-existence
  • Pump mechanical parts are clogged
  • Tangled or jammed switches in the system, among others

Reliable sump pump systems are designed to overcome most of these issues. However, even standard pumps can be overwhelmed, thus causing them to fail.

8. Leaky Poly Pipes

Poly B Pipe is prone to crack and leak over time. This will especially happen when the fittings are not correctly installed. For instance, over-tightening your pipes can cause them to crack. These pipes are likely to receive damages due to water pressure or heat. Also, water chemical such as chlorine slowly degrades the pipes and ultimately cause them to leak.

Thus, you should consider new pipes installation and upgrades. Poly B plumbing may appear perfect on the outside, but it may rapture any time.

9. Septic System Issues

A septic system will fail due to inappropriate design or poor maintenance. Other causes of septic system issues may include; excessive slopes high groundwater tables. Such conditions will cause hydraulic failures or even water contamination. Septic system issues will occur if you fail to perform routine maintenance. This will cause solids in the tank to move into the drain and clog the system.

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Some plumbing issues might be unpredictable. But you cannot have peace of mind if your home faces problems that may include leaky faucets, hot water failures, and clogged drains. You need to find emergency plumbing services near you to get the problem fixed.

At AAA Heating and Plumbing we are more than a furnace repair company, we provide emergency plumbing services, including hot water tank repair. We also offer poly-B replacements service to avoid worrying about expensive water pipes damage.  Contact us today to get a free quote.

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