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In cities like Calgary, the weather can be unpredictable. We can see summer pop by in winter and winter show up in summer. With this said, when it’s hot in Calgary – it’s really hot!
Long are the summer nights and the need for air conditioning sales Calgary is on the rise. This, AAA Heating and Plumbing, knows all too well.

AAA Heating and Plumbing has an incredibly vast experience installing new AC in Calgary. Our prices vary depending on the type of home, type of unit and ultimately, based on what needs to be completed during the install of your new AC Calgary.

If you need an air conditioner in Calgary then Choosing the right air conditioner can seem challenging. Our expert technicians will assist you in choosing an AC unit that best fits your needs. Based on preference, size, habits, and location, we will recommend the most adequate AC unit to suit your family’s needs and comfort. We partner with highly respectfed brands in order to provide you a full warranty, and a product that’s reliable and energy efficient. Above all, since the AC units sit outside in day view, we like to think they should be attractive as well so we are eager to show you the newest looks for air conditioner.

Are you and your family looking for air conditioner sales Calgary? We can help!

Please check out the multitude of Google reviews to see the type of HVAC company we are and what our clients need to say about their experience in installing new AC Calgary.

Looking for new air conditioner sales Calgary?
Looking to finally install the new AC you’ve talked about for months?

We are here to assist you in your new AC and air conditioning sales Calgary.
Whether you are replacing your current AC unit with a new AC Calgary unit, or buying a brand new air conditioner, we are here to help you. Should you need to dispose of an old AC Calgary unit, we will do so on your behalf in order to make your air conditioning sales Calgary process more seamless and quick. We carry well recognizable brands and also service all brands of new AC Calgary.

Need a new AC Calgary? Give us a call to book your free air conditioning sales Calgary quote!