Top 6 Causes of Furnace Failure

Top 6 Causes of Furnace Failure

1. Infrequent maintenance

  • Maintenance on your furnace unit should be completed annually, or semi-annually, it is recommended that maintenance is completed in the fall before winter.
  • Without regular maintenance, normal wear and tear of the unit will increase resulting in unwanted repairs.
  • When regular maintenance is complete you will have a record of the mechanical parts inside your unit, you will then be aware of potential future repairs ahead of time.

2. No heat / bad air flow

  • The blower motor is the component that pushes the air flow around your home, if the blower motor fails there could be no heat or no air flow in your home.
  • The blower motor can fail by overuse, faulty equipment, or due to a blockage within your duct system.
  • If your furnace unit is doing the opposite and is continually running, it could be an issue with the limit switch, a professional is the best route to take as the limit switch may need replacing.

3. Dirty filters

  • Air filters are an extremely important part of your furnace; they prevent debris, dust, and other air pollutants from entering your home. When they are not changed regularly they will become clogged and once they are dirty or clogged with debris it will prevent your furnace from circulating air inside your home.
  • It is recommended to change air filters once every 3 months, however, it is best to check your air filter monthly to ensure it is clean and free of any rips and tears.

4. Pilot light or ignition failure

  • Being the most important component of your furnace unit, the pilot light and ignition is how your furnace heats the gas that warms your home. Any issues with these mechanisms will cause your home to have no heat.
  • Ensuring your pilot light and ignition are checked with your annual maintenance will help prevent any future repairs. If you suspect an issue with the pilot light or ignition failure it is recommended a professional be called in to rectify the issue.

5. Faulty thermostat

  • Another vital part of your furnace unit is the thermostat, if you notice the heat in your house not the same as usual, and have changed your air filter, your thermostat may be the cause.
  • If you feel your thermostat is to blame for heating issues, it is recommended to change the batteries, or check the circuit breaker or fuse, for any issues.

6. No fuel

  • Usually furnaces are run off of natural gas, if your furnace is not receiving a steady supply of natural gas your furnace will stop working properly, it is strongly recommended to call in a professional to rectify this issue.


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