Is It Time For A New Furnace? Here Are Strong Signs Pointing To Yes!

Your Furnace is over 15 years old.

Sure, we have seen furnaces that have lasted 30 years but that is not the norm. Not to mention that heating bills and safety may be severely compromised with such an old HVAC unit. After 15 years, your furnace efficiency will have dropped. This means that if your furnace unit once was 97% energy efficient, over the years, it may have dropped as low as 80%. This will have a direct impact on your energy bills.

You have had more than 2 service calls.

Service calls can be costly. Depending on what it is, you may end up paying quite a bit of money for your furnace. It may be worth investing in a new furnace in Calgary if problems persist. Let’s remember that with furnaces it’s all about the long term investment rather than saving money in the short term.

Your Furnace is making a strange noise.

If you are hearing noises coming from your furnace unit, it is not a good sign. Whether the noises are low or loud, it may be a clear sign that your furnace is on its last legs or that you should invest in a new furnace unit soon. If problems persist, we recommend contacting an HVAC technician like AAA Heating and Plumbing to ensure that you don’t damage your furnace further.

The thermostat setting never keeps you comfortable.

When turning the knob to a certain temperature, you should almost immediately feel the temperature heating up in your home. When that doesn’t seem to occur unless you crank the heat much higher, there may be an issue with your furnace. Broken furnaces often have this as a major sign of their malfunction. Don’t hesitate to contact your HVAC technician to have your furnace repaired or replaced immediately.


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