Tips On How To Care For Your Air Conditioning Unit

Once the summer season ends, most homeowners stop using their air conditioners altogether. However, this doesn’t mean that they should stop air conditioner maintenance. Air conditioner maintenance is necessary during winters so it can function in the next summer. In order to help you take care of your air conditioner during the winter season, here are some tips you need to follow:

Do Not Use a Waterproof Cover

If your air conditioner is exposed to the external environment, you must be extra careful to protect it from harsh external elements, such as the sun’s UV rays. A number of homeowners use plastic covers to safeguard their air conditioners in the winter months. While this seems sensible, waterproof covers can damage the unit instead of protecting it.

Waterproof covers keep the external moisture away from entering the unit, but they can also trap internal moisture inside the unit. As a result, moisture can easily build up and cause rust and deterioration. You must ensure that there is airflow inside the unit so moisture can pass through without damaging it.

Protect From Icicles

During winter, dripping water can turn into icicles. If these icicles fall on your AC unit, they can damage the grating. In worse cases, it can also damage the mechanical parts if it falls through the grating.

Therefore, you should take effective measures to prevent this from happening. A simple solution to this problem would be placing a plywood board on top of the AC whenever the winter season starts. When temperatures drop below the freezing point, the plywood will protect the AC. Since plywood is breathable, it won’t trap moisture inside the unit.

Perform Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Since your air conditioner is not being used during winter, it is the best time to call a professional for a seasonal tune-up. An AC maintenance service provider in your area can help identify underlying problems in your air conditioning unit and resolve them before they get worse. At the same time, they can also perform minor repair jobs to ensure that your air conditioner operates optimally.

You may not use your air conditioner when winter starts, but it’s essential to take extensive care of it throughout the year to ensure its longevity. Call us at 403-474-5443


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