Here Are A Few Scary Truths You May Not Want To Hear (But Should) About Your Ducts.

Your air ducts may be responsible for your dirty home.

That’s right, you heard this correctly! Your air ducts may be responsible for the cleanliness (or lack of) in your home. When your home ducts are dirty, dirt may deposit on your walls and floors, making your home almost impossible to keep clean.

Your ducts may be suffocating your Furnace and AC.

Part of the function of ducts, is to return the air to your furnace and air conditioner. When ducts are dirty, they act as clogged, making it next to impossible for your furnace and air conditioner to deliver adequate cool or hot air throughout the house. This may mean that rather than your furnace or air conditioner having problems in your Edmonton home, your ducts may be to blame.

Ducts Don’t Like Duct…Tape, That Is!

Contrary to popular belief, duct tape should not be used on your ductwork. The reason is due to the fact that duct tape is not long lasting as many may think. If you are making any type of home repairs, it is important to use a mastic sealer, as it’s a long term solution.


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