Vancouver AC Installation

A little history lesson…

Did you know air conditioning was invented over 100 years ago? In 1902 a publishing company in New York asked engineer Willis Carrier to come up with a system that would reduce humidity in their printing warehouses. By 1903 he finished a design that cooled the air for the publishing company and air conditioning was officially born. Willis’ design started to get installed within the industrial industries, but it wasn’t until 1914 when the first air conditioning unit was installed in the first home. While air conditioning was becoming popular it was mainly used for retail, commercial and industrial industries; executives realized air conditioning improved employee productivity and increased sales. Although AC was becoming popular within working environments, they were using toxic systems by using ammonia as a coolant. During the Great Depression and WWII, air conditioning was out of reach for the majority of the population so AC sales had come to an abrupt halt. It took over fifteen years for air conditioning to start becoming popular again and installations were booming in residential communities. Since then air conditioning has become a staple in most Canadian homes.

Over the years, technology has evolved in improving air conditioning, making them safer, more efficient, and extremely common among homeowners: no more ammonia coolant! Most government agencies will offer rebates as an incentive to have the population switch to environment friendly units which is extremely beneficial as it helps not only the environment, but your wallet too!

When is the best time for AC Installation, Vancouver?

Most people will say in the winter of course! I mean, it makes sense; HVAC companies should have plenty of leftover inventory, and it is common for companies to have big sales in order to make room for the next seasons’ supply. This may not be completely honest advice and AAA is here to tell you the truth about the best time for a new AC installation.

It is thought that since air conditioning isn’t used in the winter, HVAC companies will be less busy in the winter, which is false. Once winter hits, HVAC companies switch from mainly AC concerns to mainly furnace concerns, not to mention you wouldn’t get to use your new unit for months! So winter is definitely not the best time. The best time of year for AC installation is fall and spring during the real HVAC offseason.

Things to know before any new AC installation

1. Size matters

Finding the right size air conditioner is one of the most important things when buying a new unit. If your unit is too small, it will have to work extra hard to cool your home which will result in a shorter lifespan of the unit. Having a load calculation completed by a licensed HVAC technician will tell you the exact size unit your home needs.

2. Save money with government rebates

Before any new AC installation, you should look into any government rebate programs. is the best spot to find available rebates for not only new AC installation but all energy sources in your home.

3. Multiple quotes are a good thing

While shopping around for a new air conditioner it is best to seek quotes from multiple companies. This gives you a chance to meet with technicians, ask questions, and find the best value for your buck.

4. Top air conditioner brands

Just like appliances or vehicles, there are tons of air conditioning manufacturers like Trane, Ameristar, American Standard and so many more. How do you know which is the absolute best? You really don’t know that it will all depend on your needs and which brand offers what you need. Your HVAC technician will be the best person to explain the differences between brands and which brand will best suit your needs.

5. Air Conditioner Maintenance

Another thing to ask your technician is what kind of maintenance your unit will need. Annual tune-ups should be completed to extend the life of the unit and save your bank account from costly repairs. Typically, AC units should be checked out by a technician once a year, preferably early spring. This will get your unit up and running perfectly after sitting during the long winter months.

6. How important is a new thermostat?

The thermostat really is the heart of your unit, without it, your air conditioner couldn’t function. If your home is currently using an older style thermostat is may be time to think about adding a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats or smart thermostats can help save money on monthly utility bills if programmed correctly.